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EPA Regulatory requirements and plumbing codes now require backflow devices, also known as RPZ valves, in order to maintain a certain level of purity in potable water systems and to prevent contamination of our potable water supplies. For this reason, backflow devices must be tested regularly to ensure they are providing sufficient protection to the public water resources.

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RPZ valves are required in both residential and commercial buildings that contain an irrigation system, fire suppression systems or a large boiler. These keep contaminated water from flowing into the drinking water supply during drop in the water pressure of the building or the municipal water mains.

If your home or office has an RPZ valve, Illinois State Law requires annual testing by a licensed plumber with a Cross Connection Certification License can test and certify the proper operation of an RPZ valve. Once the RPZ is tested, the certification paperwork is forwarded by the plumber to the city.

Covenant Plumbing is a Cross Connection certified plumber with the ability to complete your RPZ backflow testing and Cross Connection device testing. Contact Covenant Plumbing today to schedule your annual backflow testing and stay in compliance with Illinois State Law and plumbing codes.